How to Get Rid of Gophers Naturally

How to Get Rid of Gophers Naturally

How to Get Rid of Gophers Naturally

Gophers are small animals; they usually have 15 cm length and 0.25 kg of weight. They like to store the foods they find in its cheek pouches before taking back to the gopher burrow. The presence of Gophers usually can be determined by the mound of dirt that can be seen on the surface of the ground. Similar to the moles, gophers also tunneling your lawn, which caused a large amount of dirt being pushed out behind it.

How to Get Rid of Gophers

1. Use smells gophers don’t like.
This animal has a very sensitive nose, that’s why you can use certain smell they don’t like to get rid of them. Here are some scents that will make Gophers stay away from your lawn: Fish, Castor oil, Coffe grounds, Dryer sheets, Mothballs and Tabasco sauce.

2. Use your pet’s poop
Put some of your pet’s droppings into the gopher’s tunnel. You only need one or two droppings. This method is quite effective cause cats, and dogs are their natural predators. When they smell the poop, they’ll think that a predator is nearby.

3. Create a noisy environment.
Same like any other animals, Gophers also do not like noise. You can try to use a portable radio and Wind chimes to make noise on your lawn to get rid of gophers.

4. Plant gopher spurge (Euphorbia Lathyris).
This plant is a natural repellent for Gophers. You can buy this plant in your local nursery and plant it in your yard. Gophers also do not like plants like castor beans, daffodils, marigolds and oleander plant.

5. Use a gopher trap.
To raise the chance of success to catch the Gophers, first, you need to cover all Gophers holes with soil, except for one or two. These two should be the entrance and exit tunnel. Place the trap after wash it before with unscented soap and warm water. Once you set the trap, cover it with a sheet of burlap or black plastic so that no light shines through the hole. After you have trapped the gopher, call up animal control or release it into the wilderness.

6. Use vibrating stakes.
The vibrating stake is one of the alternative tools to get rid of gophers. You can use vibrating stake with battery operated or wind operated. You can buy it in your home improvement stores or online.

7. Smoke Gophers out with gopher burrow blasters or detonators.
Burrow blasters will fill the gopher’s tunnel with a mixture of propane and oxygen, and this will kill the Gophers. A burrow blasters are also useful for badgers, ground hogs, ground squirrels, pocket gophers, moles, voles, prairie dogs, and other burrowing animals.

8. Use a sewage-based fertilizer.
Every time the soil gets wet, the chemicals in the fertilizer will drain into the ground, and repel the Gophers. Avoid using this method if you have children, pets, or plan on protecting vegetables, fruits, or herbs.

10. Use poisons with care, particularly if you have pets.
Using poison is an easy way to get rid of gophers, but when Gophers eat the poison, it will remain in their body. So, if your cat or dogs eat that dead gopher, your pets will get poisoned as well. Do not use poisons containing strychnine, but go for anticoagulants instead. This poison will cause internal bleeding in the gopher, but won’t make their corpse toxic.
• Always wash your hands after using the poison.
• Consider other methods if you have pets at home.
• Keep all poisons away from your children and other animals.

11. Gas Gophers using your car’s exhaust.
Cover all of the gopher’s holes with soil except one. Use a garden hose and stick it into the end of your car’s exhaust pipe and the other one into the tunnel. Turn your car on for 15 to 30 minutes, and the poisonous carbon monoxide will kill the Gophers.

12. Try leaving some fruit-flavored gum or chewy candy into Gophers tunnels.
Although there is no scientific research, many homeowners find that the Juicy Fruit brand works quite well to get rid of gophers. Just simply drop the gum into the gopher’s hole. When they eat the gum, it will make them die in their burrow.

13. Flood the gopher tunnel with water.
First, you need to cover up most of the gopher holes and put a garden hose into a tunnel. Flooding the tunnel for about 30 minutes and trap the Gophers trying to escape, but keep in mind that if your lawn also has moles, then you better avoid this method because the wet soil will attract moles.

14. Release a predator.
Simply let your cat or dog into the yard because these two are Gophers natural predator. But, keep in mind that this method not always successful and depend on the predator’s hunting ability and willingness to hunt.

15. Protect your plants with gopher basket
You can try to plant some vegetable and other vulnerable plants in gopher baskets. These baskets are made of chicken wire that protect the young roots until they are well established.

16. Decrease the food supply and prevent the Gophers from getting to their foods.
When there is nothing to eat, then the Gophers will easily leave your lawn. You do not have to get rid of all your vegetables, plants, and flowers, but if you can keep the Gophers from eating your plants, they will leave. Here are some ideas you can try:
– Gophers seem to hate the smell and taste of mulch, use mulch as a buffer between your plants and the soil Gophers burrow in.
– Limit the number of plants in your garden and consider planting a water garden or a rock garden.

17. Build a fence, and make sure that part of it extends underground.
Gophers are excellent burrower, but bad at climbing. That’s why you can create a fence around your lawn by buying some wire mesh from home improvement store. Place it around your garden and make sure that it extends at least 12 inches underground.

18. Hire a professional.
You can hire a professional exterminator to get rid of gophers from your lawn. They usually use Aluminum Phosphide, which reacts with moisture in the air and soil to produce highly toxic phosphine gas. There is no residual poison, and no need secondary poisoning. Even if your pet digs up and eats the gopher carcass, there is zero chance that your pet will get poisoned. Many exterminating companies offer guarantees, but this is the most expensive option to get rid of the gophers.


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