Why Do My Farts Smell So Bad?

Why Do My Farts Smell So Bad?

Why Do My Farts Smell So Bad?

Why Do My Farts Smell So Bad?

Usually, human being farts between 10 and 30 times a day. And, we know that each fart is a sign of healthy digestive system, even though its a bit embarrassing. FYI, no one fart is the same, and the smell of it can tell about your inner health.

There are three common farts, one is silent farts, but sometimes it really smelly and sometimes it could be loud and odorless, or smelly. For any people, they’re always as smelly as rotten eggs, but the others tend to be odorless.

Why do my farts smell so bad? And why other farts smell worse?

Actually, the smelly odor is not bad. This odor is just a function of what we were eating and what bacteria doing inside our gastrointestinal tract and its different in each people.

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What is a fart?

Carbon dioxide is a large proportion of the gas we let off during our daily activity, and it’s commonly odor free. But, one percent is hydrogen sulfide which is generated by foods contains high of sulfur. This gas can comes from the air or gas seeping into our intestines from the blood.

What makes a fart smelly?

When the food (carbohydrates) we eat is not processed properly, then its produced smelly wind. The carbs particles will sit in your stomach and ferment when carbs are not absorbed sufficiently.

Why do some people have smellier farts?

It’s different between people because some people are methane producers, but others produce more hydrogen sulfide, this is why the farts smell like rotten egg.

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What kind of food makes farts smell worse?

Any beverages containing alcohol such as beer and wines can make the farts smell worse. These drinks mostly created by the hydrogen sulfide, that’s why it produces smelly “rotten egg” farts if not ingested properly by our body. You can also try to avoid this kind of food:
• Pear
• Apple
• Mushrooms
• Avocado
• Garlic
• Cabbage
• Cauliflower
• Leeks
• Asparagus
• Onions
• Watermelon
• Bread
• Ice cream
• Yogurt
• Noodles
• Butter
• Pasta
• Cereal
• Milk
• Cakes
• Very milky or white chocolate
• Cream

What should we eat instead?

For people who have gastroenteritis-linked problems should be avoided FODMAP carbohydrates from their daily meals. FODMAP carbohydrates are stand for Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides And Polyols, these type of carbs will ferments and sit in the gut, producing smelly gas. But, for many of us, a few FODMAPs should be not creating a problem. Here are some alternatives:
• Corn
• Quinoa
• Rice
• Potato

Any protein also generates gas, but less than carbs, even it does still cause smelly farts. Avoid high-fat meats and eat high protein foods. You also try to eat:
• Sirloin and tenderloin cuts of meat
• Skinless chicken
• Turkey
• Fish

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What makes a fart sound loud?

The fart sound loud or soundless is depended on the position of the sphincter. If sphincter is relaxed, then the gas mostly will pass without a sound. Drinks coffee will help relaxed our sphincter, which makes people fart easier.

When to consult a doctor?

Looking back to our diets and lifestyle will give us a clue, whether we are fart much more often than normal (i.e.: more than 22 times a day). Gassiness could be a warning sign of a digestion problem from some people, such as lactose intolerance or celiac disease. Visit your doctor if you concerned about your digestion and gas.



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